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Our school is blessed with an awesome group of parents that are both supportive of and involved with our program.  Life-long friendships are often made here between parents and staff members as we all work together in our “school family” to nurture God’s littlest learners.

Meet the Teachers

Tuition Payments

Quickly and easily pay your tuition with our online form!

Alternately, you can set up automatic payments by filling out a paper form and returning it with a voided check to the preschool office.


Enrollment Forms

NEW students to our program must turn in all 4 Enrollment Forms, A, B, C, and D.  Please note – Form B requires a notary, and Form C requires a physician signature.


RETURNING students are required to turn in Form A ONLY.


All forms and fees should be submitted to the LUMC Preschool Office by June 15, 2022.

Monthly Calendars

School Year Calendar

Welcome to LUMC Preschool/CDO!  We hope your family will enjoy our early childhood education program and the friends you make here.

LUMC Preschool/CDO Calendar



** All August dates and times(And September 1st) pertaining specifically to your child will be mailed to you around the 17th of August**

August 25 -6:30 CDO Parent Orientation

August 25 -7:00 PreK Parent Orientation

August 29 -CDO Class Visits

August 29 -PreK Class Visits

August 29 -T-K Parent Orientation

August 29 -Three-Year-Old Preschool Parent Orientation

August 30 -September 1- CDO Transition Classes

August 30 -3-Year-Old Preschool Class Visits

August 30 -T-K Class Visits

August 31 -First Day of PreK

August 31-First Day of T-K


September 1-First Day of Three-Year-Old Preschool

September 2-NO SCHOOL

September 5- Labor Day-NO SCHOOL

September 6 Regular classes begin


October 3-6 Preschool fall conferences-phone 10 minutes each

October 7 NO SCHOOL


November 21,22,23,24,25 NO SCHOOL-Fall Break

Happy Thanksgiving!


December 9 Staff Luncheon Wesley

December 16 Last day of school for 2022

Merry Christmas!


January 5 Classes Resume

January 16 Martin Luther King Day-NO SCHOOL

January 18 Registration for Preschool/CDO Families for Fall 2023


February 20 President’s Day NO SCHOOL


March 6-10 Spring Conferences, in person(15 minutes)

March 13-17 Spring Break


April 7 No School-Good Friday- Happy Easter!


May 11 Last Day for Enrichment

May 15 Last day for TK/Pre-K

May 15 Last Day for CDO

May 16 Last Day for 3-Year-Old Preschool

May 16 Staff Luncheon

May 17 All School Picnic

“No School” applies to both Preschool and CDO. Our program has built in days that allow for teacher training, cleaning, organizing and conference preparation. We will follow the Shawnee Mission School District inclement weather days. If Shawnee Mission is out of school for inclement weather, we will be also.


LUMC Preschool/CDO is a nonprofit Christian school and ministry. Tuition is based on the individual total cost for each child to participate in our program and divided into nine equal payments. Please remember there will be a different amount of attendance days every month due to holidays, breaks, snow days, etc. Our staff is paid for each of their work days, even if the students are not in school.


We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!


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