Our philosophy is based on “best practices” in early childhood education and recent brain research.

We Believe:

•  Every child is a child of God.


•  The work we do here at school is an important ministry.


•  Young children learn best through hands-on experiential learning.


•  Each child is unique, and develops and learns in their own way and in their own time.


•  In the importance of all aspects of child development, including the cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and spiritual.

•  Children should feel emotionally and physically safe at school, as well as loved and valued by their teachers.


•  Children have an intrinsic curiosity, thus our instructional framework is designed to help stretch children’s minds by demonstrating, asking questions, encouraging exploration and problem solving, and guiding outcomes.


•  School should be a fun and stimulating place for children and families.


•  The high-quality early education we provide at LUMC provides a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

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