Kitchen Update: New Rules and Guidelines For Use

JANUARY 26, 2022

Thank you to everyone for cooperating and helping us get this major project complete through some very difficult times! Now that the kitchen is complete, the learning process has begun on use of the new equipment and the responsibilities that groups who use it will have. Our team is working on procedures that need to be followed to keep this new space in proper working order and cleanliness. These will be published very soon and distributed to everyone.


Further, we are restricting activities in Schneeberger Hall that involve use of athletic equipment that could risk damage to new items i.e., light fixtures, coffee pots, blinds, windows and the soon-to-be-installed 85” TV.



THANK YOU to the LUMC congregation for supporting the remodeling of the kitchen area. It has been a generous and daunting undertaking, and now we get to enjoy it! Please follow these kitchen rules and guidelines. LUMC does not have a custodian to clean up after room use, so it is up to those who use the rooms and facilities to clean and straighten up.


Prior to food preparation, always your wash hands in the handwashing sink. The handwashing sink should not be used for food preparation.


Please familiarize yourself with our new appliances, and if you have questions as to how to run them, please contact a member of the kitchen committee.

After each event using the kitchen, please do all of the following:


•  Please wash, dry, and stow away all pots, bowls, plates, and utensils after use.  Do not leave any items in the sink to be washed later.


• We do not have a garbage disposal per Johnson County Wastewater regulations. Therefore, all food from must be scraped from dishes into the trash. Do not put any food or coffee grounds down the sink drains.


•  Use the dishwasher according to the directions provided.


•  Dispose of all trash in the dumpster. Replace the bags in the trash containers.


• Wipe up all spills and splatters on appliances with mild diluted detergent (Dawn or Palmolive).  Please use stainless steel cleaner on appropriate surfaces. Clean all sinks and counter surfaces with diluted Dawn or Palmolive dish detergent. 


•  Wipe down the quartz countertops with a soft rag or sponge and mild soap (like Dawn) and water. Wiping up spills immediately is recommended.


•  Sweep floors with a broom and clean floors with mop and cleaner.


• Please take leftover foods home with you. Do not leave any leftover food in the refrigerator or freezer, on the counters, or on top of the cabinets.


•  Nothing is to be placed on or stored on top of any cabinets.


•  Please take soiled and wet tea towels and dishcloths with you to be washed. When clean and folded, return them to their proper storage in the kitchen. Please leave the kitchen looking as good as (or better than) you found it.


•  Please do not donate any items to the kitchen, such as plants, decorative items, kitchen utensils, or dishes. If you have items that you would like to consider adding to the kitchen, please contact a member of the kitchen committee.


Thank you for your cooperation,


The Property Management Committee, Kitchen Committee, Wendy Clay, Teila Creekmore, Lisa Freeman, Marilyn Jordan, & Mike Shepherd 

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Wait is Over!

JANUARY 5, 2022

I’ve always thought of Lenexa United Methodist Church as the little church, or engine, that could. We are not a megachurch flush with cash, but we are rich with people who care about our church and each other. We have always found a way to reach our goals, like the Education Building. Our congregation has a can-do spirit. We haven’t been around 150 years because of complacency. 
In the beginning the thoughts of a kitchen remodel project started off very slowly.                  
“Chug, chug, chug. Puff, puff, puff. Ding-dong, ding-dong.”
There were numerous meetings and discussions. In October of 2019, the congregation voted to begin the kitchen remodel project. During the same meeting, we submitted individual non-binding pledges.
The kitchen committee met with several prospective contractors and subcontractors. There were more meetings and discussions. We met with an architect for the kitchen design and layout, and with appliance and cabinetry companies. We slogged through numerous City of Lenexa code requirements.
All we wanted in our new kitchen was to correct the outdated plumbing and upgrade the electrical panel, an efficient kitchen layout, coffee bar niche, commercial style stove with 6 burners and a griddle, 2 ovens, powerful exhaust fan, stand up freezer, ice machine, quick cycle dishwasher, 3-compartment sink and a prep sink, hot water heater, floor to ceiling pantry, large center island, a large and small pass thru window, newly painted walls and ceilings, updated lighting, and tiled kitchen floor.
COVID-19 put our project in limbo. And then the pipe burst in the small upstairs bathroom delaying our project once again.
“I am so tired. I must rest. I cannot. I cannot. I cannot.”
We’re just a little church, but it was a big remodel project. We had never had to overcome so many delays and setbacks. Then the little church said, “I think we can. I think we can. I think we can.”  
The little church started to gain steam and tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled and slowly, slowly, slowly, the long-awaited project began.
“Puff, puff, chug, chug. I think we can—I think we can—I think we can—I think we can—I think we can—”
Faster and faster and faster and faster we went, until we puffed and chugged past the last delay and setback. Finally, we crossed the finish line.
“Hooray, hooray!” Cried the congregation as we moved into the new kitchen space.
“I thought we could. I thought we could. I thought we could. I thought we could.”
And I knew we could.
Thank you, Lenexa United Methodist Congregation!
–Wendy Clay
(Credit to Watty Piper, The Little Engine That Could)
Kitchen North Wall-After

The kitchen’s north wall (after).

Kitchen West Wall-After

The kitchen’s west wall (after).

Kitchen South Wall-After

The kitchen’s south wall (after).


The fellowship hall (after).

Kitchen Remodel Update

DECEMBER 22, 2021

To date we have received $196,000 + $50,000 from Endowment = $246,000 towards our $362,308 goal.
As we wrap up our kitchen remodel, I would like to thank the following people for their time and assistance with our project. We could not have done it without you!
Derick Shackelford, our contractor, for his awesome communication skills and the amazing job he has done for us!
Linda Stokes, for answering and fielding numerous questions from me, Derick, and countless subcontractors.  I also thank her for answering all of my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner.
Rick Halley, for introducing and recommending Derick and his company Shackbuilt to LUMC.
Marvin Hammontree, for reviewing the contract and checking on everything electric.
Lisa Freeman, for being my sounding board, for her input on the appliances, and helping create the coffee bar signage.
Kathy Warman, our architect, who created our new spacious kitchen layout. 
Carl Johnson, Index Restaurant Supply, our appliance guy.
Steve Nelson, Profile Cabinet and Design, for his help with our kitchen cabinets and countertops.
The Congregation, for your support, pledges, donations, and patience.
On Thursday morning we have a rep from the appliance company coming to the church to give several of us a tutorial on the dishwasher, ice maker, and possibly coffee pots. After the inspections are finalized, we will begin the process of moving back into the kitchen.
This week I’m sharing a few “before” pictures of the kitchen. Next week I’ll send a few “after” pictures.
Merry Christmas to all,
Wendy Clay

The kitchen’s north wall (before).

The kitchen’s east wall (before).

The kitchen’s west wall (before).

The kitchen’s south wall (before).

The fellowship hall (before).

Kitchen Remodel Update

DECEMBER 8, 2021

How long will it be before we can use our new kitchen? When will it be finished? The short answer is: it depends. Several subcontractors, including the plumber and electrician, have had staffing shortages. In addition, there have been several delivery delays. Derick’s goal is to have the kitchen finalized by the end of the year. So, what’s left on the “to do” list?

•  Sink delivery pending

•  Sinks installed

•  Plumber hooks up water lines to sinks, ice maker, and coffee pots

•  Kitchen door installed

•  Base shoe installed

•  Painting finalized

•  Pendant lights over the coffee bar installed

•  Floors sanded and top coated 

•  Series of final inspections 

Once the sinks are installed and hooked up, the kitchen committee will begin washing and storing all kitchen tools, utensils, pot and pans, plates glassware and silverware in clearly labeled drawers and cabinets. 

Backsplash tile in coffee bar niche.

Earlier this month, while working on the electrical panel in the mechanical room downstairs, a leaking water pipe was discovered above an HVAC vent and near the electrical panel. The pipe begins in the mechanical room, goes out into the downstairs hall, and makes a 90 degree turn. From that point it is assumed the pipe continues through another wall and ends where an old bathroom was removed in the printing room, TBD. What caused the leak? The leak came from (very) old galvanized pipe and the straps used to hold the pipe in place. The straps and pipe were two different types of metal. 
When dissimilar types of metal touch each other, corrosion occurs over time. Currently, the corroded pipe drips every 10 seconds…onto the HVAC vent very close to the electrical panel. It gets worse. The HVAC vent was compromised because of the dripping water. The water created a hole in the top of the vent. The water is dripping into the ductwork causing mold, mildew, and a buildup of sludge. There is no other option but to fix the problem. The plumbing company did extensive investigative work, and came up with a plan to remediate the situation. A short version of the scope of work is as follows:

•  The site will be cleaned up. 

•  A tent will be erected in the hallway outside of the mechanical room. 

•  Asbestos in the ceiling will be removed and the air will be monitored. 

•  The pipe will be replaced. 

•  The compromised part of the HVAC vent will be cleaned and patched.

•  There will be minor electrical work to reinstall the existing light fixture as well as costs for ceiling texture, drywall patching, and painting. 

The total cost is $9,906.26. The money will come from the Property Management maintenance fund, not the kitchen budget.
Thank you for your patience during the latest series of slight setbacks and inconveniences of our remodel project. It is a small price to pay for a beautiful new kitchen coming your way…soon!
Wendy Clay

Garage door installed over pass thru.

Kitchen Remodel Update

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Several have asked when the kitchen remodel will be finished.  Barring any delays, the answer is, it will be finished this year.


So much has happened the last couple of weeks regarding the remodel project that the kitchen has taken on a whole new look! The remaining oak hardwood flooring in the hallway has been laced in and has received 2 of the 4 coats of finish. The cabinets have been installed and the appliances were delivered on Monday. Whew! What’s left? Painting, trim work, countertop installation, plumbing, and several inspections will be taking place over the few weeks.


Outside the kitchen, a kitchen committee is being formed. The committee members will oversee the use of the kitchen including but not limited to, Heavenly Half Hour, Dinner’s on Us, St. Mary’s, church pot lucks, youth, visiting groups etc. They will set kitchen use policies and all storage (refrigerator, freezer, & kitchen items) protocol. 


So, what will the move into the new kitchen look like?


•  We will slowly and purposefully wash, store, and stock selected kitchen tools, utensils, pots & pans, plates, glassware, and silverware into appropriate cabinets and drawers.

•  Drawers and cabinets will be labeled for clarity of storage.


•  Persons should NOT drop off or donate any kitchen items. Any donated items need to be cleared through the kitchen committee prior to entering the building.

•  Following any food-serving event, leftover food should be taken home or thrown away.

•  No food will remain on the countertops after an event.

•  Nothing will be stored on top of cabinets.


The above policies are a work in progress to be used as guidelines. The intention is for everyone to begin thinking about how we will all use and take care of the kitchen after completion.


Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

OCTOBER 20, 2021

After tile was laid in the kitchen hall, it was discovered there was a slight hump in the middle of the floor. After some investigative work, the cause was found to be the cinderblock load-bearing wall directly below the kitchen hallway. To correct the problem the tile was removed. Last week I indicated the tile would be replaced; however, that is not the case. The problem could not be corrected by relaying new tile over the same area because there would be a noticeable gap at the threshold of the kitchen doorway and again at a transition point in Schneeberger. Fortunately for us (and within budget), the hallway will now become hardwood flooring. The new hardwoods will be laced into the existing hardwoods and will be stained and sealed so all will match and create a beautiful and seamless entry into our fellowship hall. The floor work is expected to be completed late this week/early next week.

The cabinets are scheduled to arrive the end of next week.


A quick update on the financial aspects of the remodel project:


Total cost of the kitchen remodel: $362,307.74

(Shackbuilt: $287,958.38 + Restaurant Supply (appliances): $70,893.36 + cabinet increase: $3,456)


Total monies received: $225,374

(pledges and payments: $175,374 + endowment: $50,000)


To date, we’ve made a $36,000 draw against our Line of Credit.


Have a great week,

Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

OCTOBER 6, 2021

A few highlights for the week:


In the basement furnace room, the water pipe that was dripping on the old electrical panel has been moved and replaced. In addition, the old electrical panel has been swapped out for a brand new one.


The electrical panel in the hallway outside the new kitchen is hooked up and ready to go.


The hardwood floors in Schneeberger have been sanded, stained, and have the first coat of finish.


Tile was laid in the kitchen hallway, but there was a noticeable hump in the middle. After investigative work the cause was found to be the cinderblock load-bearing wall in the downstairs hallway. The tile was removed to fix the situation and will be replaced soon.

The 4-5” gap between the FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels) on the walls and kitchen floor will be the same tile that is on the floor. 


The two pendant lights that will hang above the coffee bar arrived last week.


The kitchen cabinets are still expected to arrive the end of October.


Thank you for your continued patience,

Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Work continues on the hardwood floor refinishing and kitchen tile grouting. What’s new this week is the installation of the hood above the (future) stove and ovens. The hood seems overly large but is required by code to be bigger than the stove. The space between the hood and the ceiling will contain wiring for the hood lights and fan. The space will eventually be covered by a valance. In addition, ductwork installation for the ANSUL, (fire suppression) system is taking place above the kitchen and hallway ceilings. The ductwork is cylindrical and is similar to home furnace or air conditioner ducts, and connects like straws fitting together only on a much larger scale.  See picture below.

Ductwork above the kitchen and hallway ceilings.

Range hood and ANSUL system.

The fire suppression system is also being installed this week. The system is located in the hood above the stove.  In case of a fire, the system automatically shuts off the gas and electricity to the appliance. An extinguisher shoots a powder onto the stove, and if necessary, into the ductwork above, and will immediately trigger the fire alarm as well as send a message to our alarm service. The ANSUL system is in lieu of a sprinkler system.

Have a great week,

Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update


A forklift will be delivered to our job site late Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday morning. The forklift will be used to unload and move equipment needed for the installation of the range hood exhaust system. In addition, a crane will be on site Wednesday around noon to lift the HVAC equipment onto the flat roof area. This is also part of the range hood exhaust system installation. The crane will be set up on the north side of the building but may impact a small portion of the west parking lot. The contractors will set up orange cones to block off areas as necessary.  They only expect the crane and forklift to be on site for the day. 


All of the floor tile has been installed in the kitchen and hallway. About half of the tile has been grouted. Grouting should be completed this week.  After the tilework is finished, installation of the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels) will begin. The panels come in large sheets (similar to sheets of drywall), and will be used as the backsplash on the kitchen walls. The FRP is high gloss white, easily washable (by code), durable, and scuff-resistant. It will give our kitchen a very clean high-tech look.

Tile and grout work.

Newly discovered hardwood floors underneath the carpet in Schneeberger.


Workmen continue to remove the stubborn mastic (glue) from the hardwood floors so they can be sanded, stained, sealed, and restored to their original beauty.


That’s it for the week.


Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update


It was great to see so many people take a peek at the kitchen in between services on Fresh Start Sunday. There were many thoughtful questions asked and we (Marvin, Rick, and myself), received lots of positive feedback on the kitchen progress so far. For those that did not have a chance to come by, the signs posted in the kitchen indicating the cabinet, appliance, and sink placement will be left in place until the FRP, (Fiberglass Reinforced Paneling), is installed on the walls. Stop by when you have a chance to see the progress in person.


Our big surprise that was announced on Sunday morning was the discovery of hardwood flooring underneath the carpet in Schneeberger! Originally a product called LVT, (Luxury Vinyl Tile), was picked for the 4’ wide path in front of the passthrough and coffee bar area but since the hardwoods were discovered, the 4’ path will now become beautiful refinished oak hardwoods that once graced the entire floor of Schneeberger. A present-day discovery but an important link to our past.


Have a great week.


Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

AUGUST 25, 2021

Just a quick update this week. 


Painting has begun in the kitchen and the south wall of Schneeberger. Floor tile work will begin late week. The asphalt curb should be poured and finished this week so we will once again have full access to the parking lot. After a few minor electrical tweaks in the classroom below the kitchen, the ceiling tiles will be put back in place and the room will be available for Sunday school classes. 


We are still on schedule for an early November completion date.


August 29th is Fresh Start Sunday. Please join Rick Halley, Marvin Hammontree, and myself for a tour of the kitchen “as is”. We will be available to answer questions and show you around between services from 10:00-10:30, and briefly after the late service 11:30-11:45, before the noon potluck dinner.


Wendy Clay


In response to the increase in the infection rate of COVID-19 caused by the delta variant, and in keeping with the recommendation of the CDC and Bishop Saenz of the Great Plains Conference, Lenexa UMC is strongly encouraging all individuals, including those fully vaccinated, to wear masks indoors beginning Sunday, August 1. This applies to worship and small group settings.


In addition, we encourage anyone who is not vaccinated, but is able to get the vaccine, to prayerfully consider getting vaccinated.


See the latest guidance from the CDC here.

You can also read the letter from the Bishop here.

Kitchen Remodel Update

JUNE 29, 2021

Unfortunately, the day Shackbuilt was to begin demolition on our kitchen remodel project, we had a minor setback.On the night of Thursday, June 17, the water supply to the toilet adjacent to the main kitchen burst, flooding the kitchen floor and areas below. SERVPRO was called in to remediate the situation. Below is a quote from Joe Fife, Commercial Project Associate at SERVPRO.


“We responded to a notification of water damage at Lenexa United Methodist Church earlier today. A water supply to a toilet had broken, allowing water to intrude through a kitchen and adjacent hallway on the main level and down into the lower level, affecting a hallway, classroom, and a smaller kitchen area. Drywall walls and some plywood cabinets on the main level are affected, as are drywall walls, carpet flooring, and an older drywall/plaster ceiling above the suspended ceiling grid. An insurance claim is expected to be filed at this time.


I have had a crew onsite today and we have completed the following services:


•  Extraction of standing water

•  Application of antimicrobial to affected flooring

•  Cleanup of fallen and wet ceiling tiles

•  Set-up of drying containment on lower level

•  Set-up of drying equipment”

On Wednesday, June 23, Joe said:


“I stopped by today and walked through the loss site with Mike (Shepherd). We are still reading saturated below the vinyl flooring in the kitchen, hallway, and restroom. Cabinetry is in good shape and should finish overnight and drywall may as well finish tonight as well with one caveat: we cannot accurately meter the drywall behind the cabinets so we do not know if this is wet or not.We will continue to run our equipment to yield what drying we are able to do...”


On Friday, June 25, Joe stated:


“The wood subfloor is still reading wet.This should dry once the vinyl flooring is removed by the contractor.”


Shackbuilt will begin demolition in about 2 weeks. Derick feels he will still finish our remodel project in December. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move from water remediation to kitchen remodel.


— Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

JUNE 8, 2021

They say you should move every 5–10 years so you don’t accumulate clutter. So it is safe to say that, after 60+ years, the LUMC kitchen has accumulated clutter—LOTS of clutter!


On Monday morning, at the stroke of 9:00, several wonderful church members helped pack up the LUMC kitchen in advance of the kitchen remodel demolition that will begin next week. A big thank you to Connie and Chuck Sheppard for packing up all of the LUMC china plates before driving to Hillcrest to selflessly volunteer more of their time; to Marilyn Jordan, who worked tirelessly and stayed until the last punch cup was packed; to Frank Rounds, who made trip after trip to the recycle bin and dumpster, and who loaded the dolly numerous times with packed boxes bound for the basement; to Angel Schuerman, a self-starter who never took a break. She was instrumental in helping make decisions about what to keep and what to purge. She never flinched seeing the mouse traps and droppings or old expired food, but shied away from the black mold in the refrigerator. She is one terrific gal! And to Jesse Shackleford. He was the brawn of the group. He helped Frank move the freezer outside to defrost and back inside to its new home at the north end of Schneeberger until after the remodel. Jesse made continuous trips up and down the stairs to our temporary kitchen storage area. We could not have accomplished so much in such a short time without his help.

Together we packed up 70+ glass plates, 200 glasses, 100 punch cups, punch bowls, cleaning supplies, silverware, utensils, coffee pots and supplies, pots and pans, and lots of water pitchers. We used every plastic tote (gathered by Van Rose from Hillcrest), all of the boxes, and yards of bubble wrap provided by Linda Stokes.


Frank took a carload of random odds and ends to Hillcrest. We also filled half a recycle bin and almost filled a dumpster! Please, no more plastic silverware or black plastic tongs in our kitchen ever again!


Thanks again to all of the volunteers who gave up their Monday morning on a beautiful June day to help pack up the kitchen. Here’s hoping our future kitchen will be kept clean—and, most importantly, clutter-free!


—Wendy Clay

Kitchen Remodel Update

MAY 19, 2021

Good news!

After almost 2 years, we are about to begin our kitchen remodel project! The construction contract was received from Derick, dba Shackbuilt, last week. After reviewing the contract, Keith Stokes will sign the document on behalf of the church. Final construction cost is $340,250.21. All of the permitting process has been completed through the City of Lenexa, and the application for Johnson County Wastewater is in progress. Derick plans to begin his prep work in early June and start the demolition of our 50+ year-old kitchen on June 14. The completion date is set for early to mid-December.


The Move

Beginning the first week of June, the kitchen refrigerator will be set up in Schneeberger, the stand-up freezer will move to the downstairs kitchen, the microwave will reside in the library or downstairs kitchen, and the TV will move to the Underground. Groups such as Heavenly Half Hour, Wednesday night drive-through dinners, Youth Group, weddings/funerals, communion, and St. Mary’s kitchen will each have a designated area to store items until the remodel is completed.

If you have any personal items in the kitchen or the refrigerator/freezer now would be a great time to take them home.  We want to be ready for the demo process.  Any non-church items that are not claimed by June 1st will be given to Hillcrest or tossed.  Both stoves are free and available to anyone who wants them. We are trying to prevent either stove from going into a landfill and also save us the cost of having them moved and dumped.


Thank You

Thank you for your patience with the kitchen remodel project. Stay tuned, it’s almost show time!


—Your kitchen committee: Wendy Clay, Marvin Hammontree and Rick Halley

Kitchen Remodel Update

MAY 3, 2021

Good news!

The budget increase for the kitchen remodel project passed Monday night after a vote during the Charge Conference.  The tally was 87% yes, 10% no, and 3% abstaining.


What’s Next?

The kitchen committee will meet with Kathy Warman, the architect, and Derick, our contractor, to finalize color selections for the countertops, Formica, paint, cabinet front, and flooring. After a final review regarding the HVAC, the permitting process will begin. As of today we are anticipating a construction start date in May.


The Move

We have been in communication with Linda Stokes regarding the kitchen move.  The kitchen refrigerator will be set up in Schneeberger, the stand-up freezer will move to the downstairs kitchen, the microwave will reside in the downstairs kitchen or library, the TV will move to the Underground, and the Communion items will move to a small closet in the library.  There may be some storage room in the hallway closets outside Scheenberger for Wednesday night drive-through dinners, Youth Group, weddings/funerals, and St. Mary’s soup kitchen.  Van Rose has been saving plastic tubs from Hillcrest for us to pack up all other kitchen items, where they will be stored downstairs in room 100, the old printing office.

If you have any personal items in the kitchen or the fridge/freezer, now would be a great time to claim them. We want to be poised and ready to begin the demo process. Both stoves are free and available to anyone who wants them. This will prevent either stove from going into a landfill and also save us the cost of having them moved and dumped.


During Construction

The south end of Schneeberger, including the kitchen wall and south set of doors, will be blocked off to ensure everyone’s safety and to keep the dust down. The north end of Schneeberger will be available on a limited basis. At some point during construction, the hallway outside of Schneeberger will be blocked off for about a month, for vent work. We will let you know in advance before that happens.


Thank You

We heard your thoughtful comments and concerns during the Charge Conference Monday night. During construction we pledge to be as transparent as possible and keep you informed and up to date on our progress.

Thank you for your patience, trust, and your vote to move forward with the kitchen remodel project.

—Your kitchen committee: Wendy Clay, Marvin Hammontree, & Rick Halley

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